The Project Process

There’s more to an Architectural Project than most people think, more than just drawing a structure and building it. Here’s a layout of the process to help you know what to expect.
Phase 1

Schematic Design

Schematic design

Produce small-scale drawings that illustrate room relationships and functions based on the owner’s needs and requirements.

Phase 2

Design Development

Sketch of a kitchen

Preliminary larger-scale drawings and specifications that describe the size and character of the project. Design drawings can include Site Plans, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Interior Details.

Phase 3

Construction Documents

Construction documents
Technical drawings and specifications required of permitting and bidding.
Phase 4

Bidding / Negotiation


Assist the owner in attaining bids and/or negotiated proposals and assist in awarding and preparing contract for construction.

Phase 5

Construction Administration

Architect speaking with clients

Keep the owner informed about the progress and quality of work completed. Report to the owner known deviations from the Contract Documents. Certification for payment to the contractor. Review and approve shop drawings, product data, and samples for conformance with the design concept. Review change orders for owner’s approval and execution. Interpret and decide matters concerning intent of and reasonably inferable from contract documents. Project close out and punch list for final completion.


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