“A space should have a grace about it. Good architecture shouldn’t overwhelm, it is the place to enjoy without noticing. The space I design should feel clean, refined, and comfortable.”
The distinguished designer, Chauncey Meyer, Member AIA, and one of the foremost architects in Tucson, asks questions because he has to. It’s in his nature to know how to affect a space. He needs to see the light will live in a structure he designs.
A substantial core of services from architectural design, space planning, and environmental conservation, provide the ideal techniques for Arizona construction.
An example of a Chauncey Meyer design, with the Ram home, the clients wanted their formal dining room to be a place to relax. By lowering the ceiling, installing plush carpeting, and offsetting the light fixtures, he created a softer sound for dinner conversation. As you walk out of the immediate table area, the ceilings rise and the floor material change to a harder travertine. This enhances the element of transition with echoes and volume, reinforcing the intimacy of the dining room.
“Finding the joy in a room is part of listening and understanding how the visible elements are combined.”
A corner stone of Chauncey Meyer’s contributions can be found throughout the Tucson area. His work on remolding and new residence projects a long with his commercial work i.e. Offices, Retail, Restaurants, Warehouses, and Apartments to mention a few.


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Chauncey Meyer Architecture

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